I studied Management Information System with scholarship at Yeditepe University , based in Istanbul,Turkey. During university years, i started to learn about video game development & design and started to build a video game. After making the designs, implementing them to game engine and applying a basic gameplay, i had a prototype product in my hand. 

With this prototype product, i pitched it to several other developers and formed up a global development team, also formed a small indie company in 2012. With the forming of the development team, a 1 year development cycle was planned and the game was build according to these plans. During the development of the game, my job as a product director consisted of assigning tasks to the programmers, artists and testers.
When the development hit beta stage , i started getting in touch with publishing companies and ensured the game would be published in multiple digital stores before release. During the beta stage i also submitted the game to Steam Greenlight system and also ensured the final product was developed according to user feedback. Later i released the game on multiple digital game stores including STEAM and generated more than 60.000 paid downloads as of 2016.

After writing my graduation thesis about “Creating a Product and Turning it to A Profitable Product” , i received training about Scrum technics and later joined “MYNET” company in Istanbul, Turkey as Product Manager / Scrum Master. My role here consisted of handling the in house development team of the popular board game in Turkey ‘Çanak Okey’ with more than 300K DAU and 1.5M MAU, making sprint development plans and also pushing the product to a better state by taking user feedback into consideration.

Around 8 months after joining this position, i decided to move to a global game company so that i could work in global projects. On March 2015 i joined Netmarble Turkey as Ast. Product Manager and started working on the Turkey and MENA region version of  the critically acclaimed board game ‘Everybody’s Marble’.
My responsibility level was increased after becoming the Product Manager of the project after a few months and i was responsible of ensuring the development team located in South Korea was developing the upcoming versions of the game and preparing in-game events according to the user behaviour and feedback of the region. Aside from handling the development team, the direct management of the 4 person product team and assisting management of teams such as Marketing, QA and Customer Support teams were  a main responsibility. My role also consisted of keeping track of KPI’s and making adjustments in order to increase DAU, ARPPU , overall gross , retention and buying user rate.

On Summer 2016, i was awarded with Project Management: Basics for Success course certificate with 90% grade score by University of California, Irvine as well as a Introduction to Software Management  & Agile Practices certificate from University of Alberta.

On October 2016 i was invited to join the STEAM™ Conference that was held in Seattle, WA , as the Product Owner of the OCEAN CITY RACING project and attended this event which focused on User Behaviours, Upcoming Technologies and Opportunities in the industry.

As of November 2016, i continue to work on Netmarble Turkey as a Product Manager.

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